GRM Weekly: Kickstarter, Communications Strategies, and Racial Awareness Event

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Here’s our transcript:

[KIRK] Hey guys, it’s October 22nd and here’s what’s been happening at Glass River Media last week.

[ZEKE] So we’re building a set for the second of that series of Kickstarter videos we started two weeks ago. So this is fire test one. [Explosion!] And so this is where it all comes together.

[KIRK] Most times the work of communication strategy doesn’t look very sexy. This week we’re in the office. I’m working on a competitive analysis and market audits; pulling apart the SEO and analytics for several of our clients.

[JEFF] [Drumming] We’re here at the 2018 Racial Awareness and Mindfulness Event. We’ve got a lot of speakers and lecturers, but also conversation; people coming together to share their thoughts. We’re here to make sure that everything that happened here today sees a wider audience.

[KIRK] And that’s it for this week. Stay busy, stay engaged, and we’ll be back next week with more news.

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