GRM Weekly: Welcome to 2019!

Spring cleaning in January, our website re-design, and After Effects magic!
Hope your 2019 is off to a great start!

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Here’s our transcript:

[KIRK] It’s January 7th and welcome to 2019! And here’s what happened at Glass River Media last week.

[NATHAN] I hope spring-cleaning is allowed in January ‘cause Zeke and [Nathan] are completely re-organizing our workshop. We need to be ready for all the props and sets we’re gonna need to construct this year for our projects.

[KIRK] We’re getting really close to finishing our website re-design. Keeping branding fresh and relevant isn’t just for your client. You have to take care of yourself too!

One of the last bits is redoing our headshots. Is it still called a headshot if it’s a dog? I mean, they have a head.

[JEFF] Remember that web ad with the chalkboard and the bricks? Well, it went really well and we’re very happy with it, but we weren’t totally thrilled with our chalkboard wiping skills. Oops. Good thing is, though, we’ve got a little friend called After Effects. This is a compositing program that lets us fix problems like this and it’s what makes me happy and gets me out of bed everyday.

[KIRK] In the meantime, stay busy, stay engaged, and we’ll be back with more glass river media news next week.

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