GRM Weekly: Working on Spreadsheets and New Technology

Jeff was going crazy with spreadsheets, Zeke was running around testing new technology on historical visuals, and Kirk’s proof of concept in the studio is reaching far and wide!

We were so busy this week! How did you stay engaged?

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Here’s our transcript:

[KORY] It’s February 25th, 2019 and here’s what happened at Glass River Media last week

[JEFF] Thursday and Friday of this week we’re gonna be going to a conference and covering some breakout rooms. That meant that last week I had to plan who was gonna be in what room when and where. Then client calls back. We need a fourth camera. Then they call again. Fifth camera.

OK. I can make it work. Now the 5th camera needs to move at 4 o’clock. So I spent a fair amount of the week on this.

[ZEKE] So this is Rachael. She’s a great friend of mine and a mentor to me and I got a chance to spend the day working with her. I’m doing some editing and playing with her new toys

[RACHAEL] Hey Jeff!

[KIRK] So we’ve all talked about our streaming studio and how we’re working out all the kinks. Well, that’s all for a proof of concept project on

Kory and I talk general nerdom and pop-culture every day to engage with audiences growing across the country and even the world. Well that has not gone unnoticed as we were contacted last week by sponsors as well as some new conventions inviting us to come and premier our concepts with them on their platforms.

[KORY] That’s it for this week. Stay busy. Stay engaged. And we’ll be back with more news next week.

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