123’s of Media Production: For the love of dolly

by Jeff Carpenter

This week we’re going to talk about one of the most dependable camera support systems out there.

You know her; you love her; she is all about moving left and right.

It’s our good friend, Dolly:

Now I am fully aware that the dolly is not as fun and exciting as it used to be. I know about all the wonderfully cool gimbal stabilizers you have been admiring recently. I know that the dolly doesn’t really catch your eye the way it used to.

But there’s a reason it was one of the first camera moves invented and the look it creates is still relevant today. Your audience is super familiar with it and it feels very comfortable to watch. And remember, there are plenty of places to rent dollies from. You don’t need a lot of storage space or up-front money to get a dolly onto your next set.

But don’t take my word for it; take a look at some shots from our production this week. We used a dolly all around a computer-repair store and the results speak for themselves:

Jeff Carpenter

Jeff Carpenter

Director of Operations

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