GRM Weekly: We do it all!

Communications strategy, animations, and events!

We were busy, engaged, and excited…. were you?

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Here’s our transcript:

[ZEKE] It’s April 1st, 2018 and… April fools. It’s April 1st 2019 and this is what happened at Glass River Media this last week.

[KIRK] Last week we made a commercial for Experimac in Fredericksburg which was great. It turned out awesome and the client loved it. After all, media production is where we got our start. Burt now, that’s where the real work starts. Now we need to make sure that that video is seen by the right people. Working on the strategy; making sure that it is connected to the people that are looking for him on the right point on their customer journey.

This is where the communications and really digging into the analytics matters, which is where I come in. It’s going to be a fun journey with Experimac for the next few months.

[ZEKE] If you remember back a couple of episodes ago, I talked about all these animations I was doing. If you can’t remember, go back and check out that episode. We’ve got most of them completed, just finishing out the last few details on the last couple animations.

[JEFF] Last week I got to go to National Restaurant Association’s gala award dinner, they gave some awards to some really great people who are impacting their communities around the country. I got to take some pictures of them getting awards which was a lot of fun.

[ZEKE] That’s all for this week. Stay busy. Stay engaged. We’ll be back with more news next week.

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