123’s of Media Production: Protecting Your Gear

Finding Solutions in Unexpected Places

by Zeke Dowty

The toys and tools we employ in production are quite expensive, so you don’t want to have them all banging around and getting damaged. Most of our equipment is easy to find solutions for, whether they are soft backpack style bags for lenses, rigid open top bags with soft lining for cameras, or hard weatherproof cases for monitors and recorders. Sometimes solutions are more difficult to find, and you have to get a little creative.

We purchased a new set of wireless Sennheiser microphones and through B&H, we were able to order hard protective cases for most of the components. The one thing that got left out were the pricey lavaliere microphones.

Somehow in the design of the laser-cut custom foam, the designers thought the mics would be safe in a small open space. We were less enthused about that idea and started looking for options on protecting our investments.

Traditional lavaliere cases we found were still too large to fit inside the hard case, but they had all the webbing and smaller pockets to fit all the microphone’s pieces. We then considered maybe keeping the microphones separate in additional hard cases, but they were still bulky and would be just another case we’d have to pack for each job. However, on a lark, we ended up finding cases for earbuds. Lo and behold, we found something that met all our criteria and helps protect our tools.

In searching for the right tools for the job, not to exclude protective cases, don’t rule out some of the more unlikely solutions. They may be just the tool you’re looking for.

Zeke Dowty

Zeke Dowty

Technical Director

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