GRM Weekly: Your Message and Your Audience

We work with our collaborators to craft their best message and then reach their perfect audience.

It’s a lot of work, but really pays off when you see that needle move. Have you been keeping busy?

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Here’s our transcript:

[JEFF] It’s April 8th, 2019. And in case you get all your weather news from Glass River Weekly; it’s raining today. This is what happened at Glass River Media last week.

[KIRK] Digital campaigns are the wave of the future. Finding that audience, narrowing it down to a very specific demographic. And Glass River Media has had an opportunity to to, just recently, partner with some new people that are doing digital in a way that I’ve never seen before.

So, moving forward, we’re going to be able to help our clients find the people they’re looking for. Not in big sections, but littler and smaller sections. Not finding classes of people looking for things, but specific people looking for specific things. And that is really exciting.

[JEFF] If you’re an activist you have a message you’re trying to convey to the world. We serve as an amplifier for that message. This is why last Wednesday I spent the day taping a man dancing in front of the US Capitol, wearing a cape. Now, it may not make sense now, but once it’s edited, this organization is gonna have a product that expresses their view to their audience.

[ZEKE] Sometimes there’s an artifact in the background you need to replace in your video. This time I had a client that needed a poster removed and changed with their branding. So I created a luma mask; made an alpha key; then I created a customed, shaped mask; and a little perspective to the poster. And poof. It’s changed

[JEFF] That’s it for this week. Stay busy, stay engaged, and we’ll be back with more news next week.

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