GRM Weekly: Up and Down the East Coast, We’re Everywhere!

Whether you’re in our backyard like the Walter E. Washington Convention Center or in New York like the Culinary Institute of America, we’ve got you covered!

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Here’s our transcript:

[JEFF] It’s April 29, 2019 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.

[KIRK] It seems like every weekend or somewhere new, but this time was a familiar place and it was local. We were going to Walter E Washington convention Center in Washington DC for the annual Awesomecon.

[NATHAN] So we’re here at Awesomecon and we thought, you know what? Let’s live-stream, whole weekend. So we had a couple of problems we needed to solve. Our cameras are expensive, how are we going to hang it up? And this is what we came up with.

We ran wires down here so now we have a monitor to watch and record well we send it to our live streaming device. Plus Kirk and Kory will be wirelessly mic’d.

[ZEKE] You guys didn’t see much of me last week. That’s because the last two weeks I spent up in New York doing a series of culinary training videos. We were actually working with the CIA and got a chance to work in three of their 42 kitchens. That’s a lot.

The real challenge we had was actually trying to figure out how to hang these fixtures. Some of them we actually hung from scissor clamps in the ceiling, we actually had to pop some ceiling tiles to hang some of the fixtures.

We even actually used clamps to hang them over the stove and range. It was a lot of fun, a lot of cool challenges, and we got a chance to eat a lot of really cool food.

[JEFF] That’s all for this week, stay busy, stay engaged, and we’ll be back with more news next week.

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