GRM Weekly: The Best Clients have Private Jets!

We’re keeping busy, going on tons of shoots for our clients!
We’ve also improved not only our streaming set but our entire streaming capabilities.
And not slowing down in the slightest.
It’s November 4th, 2019 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.
So I’m in the studio today. The streaming set is looking better than ever, but let’s take a walk.
We got to do a couple of different shoots this week. I shot someone’s audition reel and Zeke went on two different shoot. And right over here is where we prepare for those.
Zeke ended up in Florida for two days, working on an internal company video. They flew him down in the private jet, which is always fun!
He also spent a day working on a promotional video and documentary for the Faith Justice Foundation and their summer program.
And over here on the workbench, you can see we’ve been working on our streaming equipment! We’ve taken this guy out on a couple shoots now and every time we come back, we refine it a little and give it more capabilities.
We’re to the point now that we’re able to do things no one else is doing which is really exciting!
That’s all for this week! Until next week, Stay Busy, Stay Engaged. And we’ll be back with more news next week!

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