GRM Weekly: It’s Time for Lists!

People love listicles right? This counts as one of those! …right?
It’s November 11th, 2019 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.
It’s time for a list episode! Do you like lists? We just have so much going on right now!
Even though Kirk is finishing up work on the book that he’s writing, he also had time to go to a pitch for a web site redesign at an Embassy downtown last week. He also created several more of his educational online videos and you’ll be seeing those on social media really soon.
Zeke spent a day working with green screen at the GEICO HQ media studio. He’s also prepping for a really cool shoot with the Mayor of Vienna next week. He’ll be shooting that this week and you’ll get to see it when it’s online really soon.
I took photos of the Coalition of Services Industries summit at the Ronald Reagan Building downtown. These kind of jobs are always fun because you get to learn things while you’re working! This week I learned about how the services industry is interwoven into international trade.
And, finally, Nathan went on several small shoots by himself, cumulating in him setting up for a 4 day shoot at the Gaylord over the weekend. And he’s actually still there right now, as we speak, running that camera!
That’s all for this week! Until next week, stay busy, stay engaged. And I’ll be back with more news next week!

Stay Busy, Stay Engaged!

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