GRM Weekly: Release the Kreative

It’s time to Release the Kreative.

Stay tuned to Kirk’s LinkedIn for creative insights to how you can Release the Kreative!

It’s November 18th, 2019 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.

Once again, we were all over the place last week. Nathan finished up his four day shoot at the Gaylord and then found himself at another shoot by himself Wednesday night downtown.

On Friday, we all took a little road trip down to Occoquan, Virginia to do some more of Kirk’s educational videos! The weather was beautiful and Kirk imparted some pearls of wisdom on us that you’re gonna be seeing three times a week from now on.

I do want to interrupt myself for a second and explain something about Kirk’s videos. You might be thinking, “I don’t need to watch Kirk’s videos! I don’t care about video production and photography.” But that’s where you’re wrong… because the videos aren’t explaining what we do. He’s explaining ways that you can help yourself.

Kirk is writing a book about creativity and inspiration and a lot of his videos are derived from the research he’s done for that book. The point of these videos is to talk about creativity and ways that you can put that to work in your own life.

And on Tuesday I helped Nathan and Zeke set up for their shoot at the Vienna Town Hall where they did the quarterly Mayor’s Report Video. This is something the mayor has been doing on a regular basis but we came in and really gave it the whole talk show treatment for her.

The shoot went well and, even if you’re not a citizen of Vienna, go ahead and check it out on their website. I’m always a fan of good-looking video, no matter the subject.

That’s all for this week. Stay Busy, Stay Engaged. And I’ll be back with more news next week!

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