GRM Weekly: Our Space is Your Space

Workshops, classroom, meetings, photo suite, podcast, live streaming… Our space can do it all and we want to share the space and our capabilities with YOU.

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It’s November 25th, 2019 and Glass River Media is in virtual reality.

That’s right, I’m coming to you from virtual reality this week. Although you can plainly see I’m in my living room, from my point of view, I’m in a vast field with outer space, hot air balloons, and sailboats. And in front of me here I have a variety of toys that I can pick up and play with. Things I can throw! Or bat around!

And even though the room is small, the software protects me from walking down the stairs, for example. Whichever way I turn, it lets me know where the edges of my environment are.

But within this space I can play with my toys and do whatever I like. And this is exactly what we’re doing with Glass River Media right now. As you know, we’ve had out TV studio in the back room for awhile and we’ve decided to make the back room more versatile.

Much like this virtual space, we’re going to have several different modes that we can load into it! Last week, we spent some time lighting it to be a photostudio. This is something we can assemble in just minutes to be ready for anyone who drops by and needs a photo. And it can be put away just as quickly, thus leaving the space open for other uses.

And just like I left outer space to come to this living room, we can reconfigure our studio to go from photo studio to classroom. We’ve installed a television and acquired some tables so if you needed to hold a classroom or lecture, we have space to do that too. We’re also adding different backdrops to our studio so it can be rented out from more than just the KirkandKory show.

If anyone wants to do a podcast or a live-to-stream-air or video game session, that’s something that can be done, and with their own style.

So, much like a virtual reality world, Glass River Media studios now have a myriad of uses.

We’ll be talking about more of those next week. Until then, Stay Busy, Stay Engaged, and I’ll be back with more news next week!

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