GRM Weekly: Only Killed One Actor!

It’s February 3rd, 2020 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.

You know what? Last week was a lot of fun!

We started off letting our high-school intern bring his friends in to make a short comedic film. We’ve been helping him hone his craft for the last few weeks now, but there’s no better teacher than hands-on experience, so we set him free and let him plan everything out. The shoot was a success and we only killed one actor.

And, despite our best efforts, we successfully didn’t kill Kirk on Saturday! We took him out to the commuter parking lot and raced him around on a hoverboard. You guessed it, this is another one of his online marketing lessons. Watch for this one to be posted next week, although you’re gonna be pretty disappointed if you expect to see him fall.

He’s pretty good at that thing.

But don’t feel too bad, he also broke his laptop this week, so even if you can’t hoverboard, you probably have a working computer screen. So good job, Viewer.

We rounded out the week by sending Nathan to Dancefest and I went to shoot a business meeting in someone’s living room. Unexpected? It comes with the job.

What is expected is that I’ll see you back here next week. Until then, stay busy, stay engaged, and I’ll be back with more news next week.

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