GRM Weekly: New Plans for the New Year

Meeting with clients with NEW plans…

Shay Rowbottom and her wonderful videos on LinkedIn…

*ahem* *cough cough*

A killer DanceFest video… We’ve been staying busy, have you?

It’s February 10th, 2020 and this is what happened at Glass River Media last week.

Last week was chock full of meetings. Kirk, Zeke, and myself all met with a variety of potential clients. Now that the new year is in full swing, everyone is making plans.

We also worked on two different projects for our good friend, Shay Rowbottom. One was editing another one of her LinkedIn sketches that hasn’t been released yet. You’ll probably see that later this week.

The other one actually involved shooting Kirk in our studio for a new project she’s working on. For the technically-minded among you, that’s Kirk in the studio, as always, but I took the camera way back past the kitchen so I could use our 85 mm prime lens at an f2 aperture. It gave the background that nice soft film-like look we really love.

It’s little tricks like this that can give any space a dramatic new look.

And, lastly, Nathan has been editing together all that beautiful gimbal footage he shot at DanceFest last weekend and putting it together into one killer video.

And I’ll see you back here next week. Until then, stay busy, stay engaged, and I’ll be back with more news next week.

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